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Answers to "If"

Answers to “If” Comprehension

1 The poem was written for his son.

2 “Keep your head” means don’t lose your temper.

3 Doing those things may well mean that they are showing off (boasting).

4 The value I would use to describe verse three is perseverance.

5 He says this because dreams and thoughts are good but on their own they will not get you anywhere.

6 I think it would be someone who is competitive but who can shake hands at the end of the match and accept defeat gracefully.

7 Kipling personifies the words and gives them capital letters as proper nouns should have and which abstract nouns shouldn’t. He wants them to be treated if they were people and significant.

8 It means beware of showing favouritism.

9 Kipling is telling the reader that they must make the most of every minute of their lives as they cannot have that time back.

10 I think Kipling wants the reader to be someone who prioritises hard work; is truthful; is even-tempered and can cope with life’s ups and downs.  By doing this they will fair well in their life ahead.

Did you look up pitch and toss? It’s a game. And a knave? That’s a dishonest person. And the phrase with “Triumph” and “Disaster” in it is famously displayed about the door as players walk out onto the Centre Court at Wimbledon. Can you think why?