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Answers to "The Midnight Fox"

Answers to “The Midnight Fox” Comprehension Chapters 18 and 19

1.       Tom knew really that the fox and her baby had gone but he needed to confirm it so that he could relax.


2.       Tom’s parents had missed him so much and so wanted to see him at the earliest opportunity.


3.       They took Petie along because they knew that the boys would have missed each other a lot.


4.       They did not forewarn Tom that they were coming so that it would be a surprise.


5.       Tom would have been proud but also relieved because Aunt Millie was not going to tell his parents that he had freed the baby fox.


6.       Petie’s news included television items such as re-runs and adverts and accidents to people they know.


7.       Tom knew because he was invited back for the wedding and for another summer.


8.        His reply reverted to the “old” Tom who would not have liked to admit he enjoyed himself and perhaps wanted to punish his parents, then he realised that he was the “new” Tom so he said that he had had a good time.


9.       No, because he says, “I had never once thought about all these models,” when he goes to his room and is amazed how many there are and how much time he has used up doing them.


10.   The flashback reminds the reader of the purpose of writing the story and brings it full circle to a satisfactory end.