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Answers to "War of the Worlds"

Answers: Part One


  1. This means that someone, or something, was inside and coming out.
  2. In this context, it means clumsily bumped into.
  3. The metal makes a noise which travels around your head, giving you a terrible headache.
  4. This is a round-shaped, deep hole.
  5. They are humans
  6. It is normally used for describing wind in a boat’s sails.
  7. The hole would be dark and luminous objects stand out really well in these conditions, almost “lighting up”.
  8. They tell you that the creature did not keep still.
  9. People were shouting and screaming things which may not have been actual words due to the panic.
  10. When someone is “petrified” their fear makes them unable to move, like a fossil. 

Answers: Part Two


  1. The Martian stared hard at the man.
  2. It wasn’t a face as we understand it but it had some features which indicated it was a face.
  3.  This means that it is throbbing like a heartbeat but in an uncontrollable and erractic way like someone having a fit.
  4. The prefix “in” means “not” and so this means it could not stop its mouth shaking.
  5. The Martian is struggling to breathe in the Earth’s atmosphere.
  6. The creature must be damp and warm and spend time in the dark to have a fungus-like skin.
  7. The cry would be something unheard of before with a deep, straining sound.
  8. Another creature came out straight away.
  9. He was running so quickly that he couldn’t control his brain or legs to run straight.
  10. It was so awful and surprising that he had to look to convince himself that it was real.