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Welcome to Reception!


Hello and welcome to our Reception Class. The staff in reception class are as follows:


Mrs Jones - Class Teacher / Deputy Head 

Mrs Ewart - Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wood - Teaching Assistant (2 afternoons a week)



If you have any questions or concerns please speak to either myself (Mrs Jones) or Mrs Ewart in the first instance.


We look forward to working with your child and with yourselves as parents/carers.


At the end of Reception year we assess children against their Early Learning Goals (ELGs). Below is a poster showing you the expectation at the end of Foundation Stage for your child. Please take time to look at these and see how you might be able to support your child at home. Thank you.



Well it has been an exciting first two weeks for our new Reception class. Lots of new friendships are being made and the children are well on their way to settling into school routines!