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Year 4

Year 4

I can’t believe how fast the first term has gone in Year 4.  We have done so much!

In English, we have been doing lots of work around our first class novel of ‘The Diary of a Killer Cat’  We created our own ‘Killer Cat’, we made predictions about what might happen once the book had ended and we described our favourite characters. We really enjoyed reading our second novel, The BFG. We used our senses to describe different settings in the story, we looked at the different characters and even created and designed our own Giant!


We have done so much in Maths too! We began the year learning about place value, estimating and doubling and halving got a little tricky with those 3 and 4 digit numbers – but we got there!  Data handling was great fun creating pictograms of the class’s favourite animals, bar charts about insects we had counted, line graphs and also we collected data of year 4’s favourite flavour ice cream and produced a bar chart using the computer. On top of all of that we have been learning about Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams – now I know the difference!


What about Science? We have used keys to identify vertebrates and we know they can be divided into 5 main groups.  We have been learning about the negative effects of littering the environment and how it effects animal’s habitats.  We can also recognise the different types of teeth we have and describe why they are different, the separate parts and how important it is to brush our teeth – and floss! In addition to all of that we understand the differences between solids, liquids and gasses. Parents beware! – Year 4 also know about how to work safely with electricity around the home, so they will identify any danger zones or overloaded plug sockets!


In RE we have looked at God, David and The Psalms, reading the story of David and Goliath, exploring the symbolism of light, researching ‘Christingle’ which will help us when we visit Liverpool Cathedral in January for our ‘Rock around Christingle’ celebration. We have also been focusing on our school values which has been ‘Courage’ - the class wrote a list of when we have needed some extra courage and remembering to always ask for God’s help and guidance. Our second value for the term was ‘Peace’ and we have been learning the hymn ‘Silent Night’ but also in German and remembered the soldiers in WW1 and their Christmas truce.


History has been great fun this term, learning all about the Romans.  We have looked at how the Romans lived, the different types of villas and flats and about the different roman social classes. We looked at different Roman leisure activities and compared them to modern sports – you would be amazed about how similar Chariot racing and modern football are! We also learned about Roman baths and toilets – disgusting!! We also went on our fantastic trip to Chester, were we dressed as Romans and marched around Chester – it was great fun!

In Maths we have been learning about capacity. We planned and made fruit cocktails!!

In Science we have been investigating flowering and non flowering plants.

We have been learning about technique of Pointillism in Art. We have used this technique to create our own Aboriginal art.

In Maths we have been investigating Area and Perimeter of different shapes around the playground.

In Computing we designed and created our own quiz about the Romans using Scratch.

World Book Day! Can you guess who our favourite book characters are?

Year 4's School Council - They are doing a great job for us!

Year 4's School Council - They are doing a great job for us! 1
Year 4's School Council - They are doing a great job for us! 2


Music 1

Year 4 Computer Club - We have enjoyed being apart of the lunchtime computer club. This week we have been designing games using bananas!!

Looking at electricity in Science.

Y4 Curriculum Map