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Welcome to Nursery!


Hello and welcome to our Nursery Class. The staff in Nursery class are as follows:


Mrs Jones - Class Teacher / Deputy Head

Mrs Jackson - Class Teaching Assistant 






For those parents who are sending their children back to nursery after lockdown, it might be helpful if you look at the following with your child and talk to them about coming back and how it might be a little bit different than before. 

We look forward to welcoming your child back to school.

Dear Parents and carers


Below you will find weekly planning to help you to continue with your child's education whilst we are still in lockdown. Trying to do a little bit of work each day will help your child in preparation for when they start Reception in September. 

I hope you have fun learning together.


Please tell your children that I miss them and their lovely smiles smiley


lots of love to them (and you!)


Mrs Jones xx


Home Learning


It has been lovely chatting to parents whose children are still continuing to learn at home. A few of you have asked me about phonics. Please find below the powerpoint I use in class. The children have to recognise the sound and then say which objects begin with that sound.

Link to Hungry Little minds, developed especially for Early Years to help with home learning.

Link to BBC learning

24th March 2020

Letter from Mrs Jones / Home school Learning


Dear Parents/carers


It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter to you. As you will be aware this is my last year at St Luke’s after 25 years of teaching. The Nursery class this year are a fantastic bunch of children who you should be very proud of, as I am. Having such a great class this year was going to be a perfect end to my teaching career. Sadly this now looks no longer possible (although I am hopeful that we may be back in July!) I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support this year and if I don’t get the opportunity to see you again, I wish your child all the very best in their future education.


You will obviously be by now looking at ways to help your child while you are at home. Below is a list of links and ideas to support your child.


Nursery Home learning ideas and suggestions


Below are some ideas of programmes you can watch/listen to with your child at home.


These are great resources for all learning


Number work - Numberblocks  


Phonics and letter sounds -Alphablocks


Songs, rhymes and stories - EYFS: Listen and Play  


Story books – Oxford Reading Tree ebooks (parents need to register)


Other ideas to do with your child at home

         Practice writing their names

         Practice their scissor skills by cutting up magazines,

         Count things in the house, e.g. the number of steps going up and down the stairs,       counting pasta shapes

         Playing games like ‘I Spy’, asking them what sounds words begin with

         Singing nursery rhymes, talk about which words rhyme

         Practice their pencil grip/pencil control by colouring in pictures


I hope you find these useful

Mrs S Jones

Look what we have been getting up to while we have been at home!



This is our school

Let peace dwell here

Let the rooms be full of happiness

Let love live here

Love for one other

Love for mankind

Love for life itself

And love for God

Let us remember

That as many hands build a house 

So many hearts make a school


Home school reading

We have started our home school reading sessions on a Monday morning. If you are able to, we warmly invite parents or grandparents to come into school when you drop your children off and choose a book to share with your child. Your child will then be able to take a book home for the week. We would ask that you bring the book back in the bag provided  on a Friday. We look forward to you being able to join us. You will find below a sheet that will show you how you can help to support your child at home. 


Please have a read through our Knowledge Organisers. These will show you how you can best help your child at home.

World Book Day


For World Book Day we have looked at the story of Noah's Ark. Do you like our animals?

The Gingerbread Man

We are looking at the story of the Gingerbread man. We have made our own Gingerbread men and have decorated them, thankfully the fox didn't eat them! We have also been colouring in pictures of the Gingerbread men and making Gingerbread men in the dough area. We are also colouring in a large Gingerbread House so that we can play in it.  We have got lots more activities planned!


We have had lots of fun celebrating bonfire night. We made firework pictures and rockets, we made firework crispy cakes and had them for our snack and we made chocolate finger sparklers. We have even practised our pencil control!