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Welcome to Nursery!


Hello and welcome to our Nursery Class. The staff in Nursery class are as follows:


Mrs Jones - Class Teacher / Deputy Head

Mrs Jackson - Class Teaching Assistant 






The nursery children have started to settle in really well and are starting to mix with the other children and have been making lots of new friends. During our first term we will focus on the three prime areas in the EYFS curriculum; Personal, Social & Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication & Language. We will learn how to share and take turns with each other, practice good listening and develop basic self-help skills such as putting on their own coat. 


Please help your child by encouraging their independence at home and school. They are all beginning to learn where their coat peg is and should be able to hang their coat up without much help. The children are also encouraged to try and put their own coats on and fasten them up and they are very proud of themselves when they can do this! These small steps are all working towards your child becoming independent, confident Reception-ready children for next September and our aim is to help them reach this goal.






Home school reading

We have started our home school reading sessions on a Monday morning. If you are able to, we warmly invite parents or grandparents to come into school when you drop your children off and choose a book to share with your child. Your child will then be able to take a book home for the week. We would ask that you bring the book back in the bag provided  on a Friday. We look forward to you being able to join us. You will find below a sheet that will show you how you can help to support your child at home. 


Please have a read through our Knowledge Organisers. These will show you how you can best help your child at home.

World Book Day


For World Book Day we have looked at the story of Noah's Ark. Do you like our animals?

The Gingerbread Man

We are looking at the story of the Gingerbread man. We have made our own Gingerbread men and have decorated them, thankfully the fox didn't eat them! We have also been colouring in pictures of the Gingerbread men and making Gingerbread men in the dough area. We are also colouring in a large Gingerbread House so that we can play in it.  We have got lots more activities planned!


We have had lots of fun celebrating bonfire night. We made firework pictures and rockets, we made firework crispy cakes and had them for our snack and we made chocolate finger sparklers. We have even practised our pencil control! 


Hello everyone, it's Mrs.Coates. As we aren't able to celebrate Easter together, I have a few ideas that you can do at home with your adults to remind you about Holy Week and the reasons why this is such a special time for us at St.Luke's.

On the NATRE website - see link - you will find an Easter section for KS1 - there is a video you might like to watch and ideas of things to talk about together. 

NATRE also has a competition called "Spirited Arts" which you can enter from age 3. There are a variety of themes to choose from and you can send in artwork, poetry or even photographs. 

In addition, you could design a card with a real Easter message like the ones we make in school; there are lots of ideas on the internet. Give it to your family and then bring it into school to show me when you are back - I will look forward to seeing how creative you have been.

Finally, don't forget our school prayer which holds us all together in the Fellowship of St.Luke's and our favourite Easter song, "The Servant King". Take care and have a happy Easter - enjoy your chocolate! 



This is our school

Let peace dwell here

Let the rooms be full of happiness

Let love live here

Love for one other

Love for mankind

Love for life itself

And love for God

Let us remember

That as many hands build a house 

So many hearts make a school