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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6! 

The staff members in year 6 are as follows:

Mrs. Coates - class teacher

Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Fell - class teaching assistants



Hello everyone! Welcome to Year 6 2020-21. I am really looking forward to our year together and all of the fun learning we will do despite Covid!

This year, as well as Mrs.Harrison, we have Mrs.Fell on board, and the three of us are so pleased with how you have settled in so far, so a big pat on the back for you all. 

There are quite a few changes as to how the day will run but already I can see that you are adapting and making the most of your time in school, which is great.



Our New Class Prayer 

Dear Lord,
Thank you for our school and be alongside us as we learn new things and be happy and caring as members of Year 6.

Give us a sense of responsibility, preparing us for high school and after.
Please keep us safe and help us to cope with any worries knowing that you are there to listen and hold us safely in your hands.







Welcome to Year 6