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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6



Some notes from the Leavers’ Service…

One of the things which was said over and over again in the production was, “…it is written in the stars…” but I want you to remember that your names, each one of you and everyone in school, is written on the palm of God’s hands.

We loved the excitement of the Euros in Y6 and we read Gareth Southgate’s letter, “Dear England…” which was his message to the country.

In it, he said that we would always remember where we were; who we were with and who we were at the time. This applies to “Team Y6” during this extraordinary time of Covid – you will always remember where you were; who you were with and who you were. You will think back to St.Luke’s Halsall; the people here now and how you grew up and handled a difficult situation brilliantly.

England has 3 lions on the shirt – we have the hands of God, with your name written on them; God’s word, the Bible and images of us in fellowship together.

And so, as our friend Yoga would say…

“My apprentices, proud of you am I. Smile my face does when I think of the fun we’ve had at PGL, at Otterspool and doing the production.

“Grateful am I for this opportunity to thank you for your hard work, resilience and super spirit through all things.

“Forget not what has been learned here. Shine you shall in the world because bright your future is.

“God bless,”



I am sure I speak for Mrs.Harrison and the class when I say that Mrs.Fell was a special lady who fitted in with us perfectly and we will never understand why she was here such a short time.

But as I say to the class there are seasons in life and people enter and leave our lives and though this may only be for a short time, they have an impact.

I still have Mrs. Fell’s insights and words of wisdom echoing in my head and her love of God touching my heart.

Dear God,

We thank you for our time at St.Luke’s – for all our learning; for all our friendships and fun and for our growing into the people we are today and will be in the future. Help us to make a difference in the world and share the love we have had given to us over the years.



Dear Lord,

Be with us every day as our guide as we move on to high school and beyond. Help us to choose new friends wisely; work hard; set a good example and sprinkle St.Luke’s Halsall wherever we go.



Dear Jesus,

We pray for St.Luke’s Halsall in the years to come; may it always be a loving and happy place with you at its heart. We thank you for the dedication of the staff and governors who have helped us along on our journey.