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For our Superstar Reception class working at home!

Hi Reception!


I hope you are following some of the activities from your letter and are teaching your grown-ups lots of exciting things.

Can you listen to We're Going on a Bear Hunt following the link further down this page? Can you show your grown-ups the actions we have been learning? I would love you to send me some pictures of wanted posters you have made, with a picture of the bear on and describing what he looks like. Try and label it with initial sounds.

Maybe you could draw a story map/picture of your own bear hunt and make up some actions.


Number 2 is our number this week. Can you spot number 2 around your house? Can you find 2 of a range of objects? 

Think about positional language - can you put your toy on, in, under, in front of, behind, over, between, next to another object? 

Watch to the video clip below to help you smiley




Mrs Frodsham and Miss Birch

Where's the Monkey?

A song to help children learn prepositions of place.

19th October 2020 


Hi Reception, 


Can you do these jobs for me please smiley




This week can you think about number 3. Can you spot it in your house? Can you show your grown-ups 3 on your fingers? Can you show them in a different way? Can you write number 3? Can you count out 3 objects? Watch the clips below. 


Can you measure objects that are long or short? Can you put three objects in order from the longest to the shortest? Can you repeat this with different objects? 




Can you look at a range of books and find the letter sounds we have been learning -s, a, t, p, i, n, c, k, e, h, r, m, d, g, o, u? 

Can you think of words that start with that sound? Can you practice writing them in our pre-cursive style? 




We have been reading different bear stories but do bears really live in houses or eat porridge? Or do they live in caves like in the Bear Hunt story. Can you research and find out about real bears? Can you draw me a picture of your favourite type of bear and tell me 2 facts about him? 




In RE we have been learning about why we celebrate harvest. We have been talking about where food comes from and how it grows. Can you draw me a picture of your favourite foods? Can you label your pictures with the initial sounds? Can you tell me why you like these foods? 


I look forward to seeing your pictures by email or when we return to school. 


Have fun!



Mrs Frodsham


I Can Show the Number 3 in Many Ways

Learn about the number 3. Learn the different ways number 3 can be represented. .

Numberblocks - The Number 3 | Learn to Count | Learning Blocks

PowerPoint of information for Reception Parents

Welcome to Reception!


Welcome to our Reception Class! 

The staff in Reception are as follows:


Mrs Frodsham - Class Teacher  

Miss Birch - Class Teaching Assistant


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our day begins at 9.00 am, with the door opening at 8.40 and our doors open for home-time at 3.00 pm. 


The children will be given book bags which they should bring into school every day. We aim to hear the children read twice a week and change their book at least once a week, if it is felt that they are ready to progress. We value support from parents and strongly encourage you to read with your child at home every day.

Your child will also have a word card. On it there are green words for them to sound out and red words which they cannot sound out and have to be able to just recognise, e.g. I. Please encourage your child to become more familiar with these words by reading them with them alongside their reading book. 

The children will also have Phonics homework. This will include the letter sounds we have been learning that week and how to write them with the correct formation. 


P.E is on Friday mornings. The children need to come to school in their kit - navy tracksuit bottoms, their PE t-shirt, school jumper or cardigan and black, navy or white trainers. They can leave a bag with shorts and pumps in on their pegs. We encourage independence in Reception so please help your child by allowing them to attempt dressing and undressing themselves at home wherever possible. 

Please ensure all of their uniform and P.E kit is clearly labelled with their name. Uniforms can get muddled while the children are getting ready for P.E and it saves a lot of time when we are returning items to their rightful owner!


Each day the children are provided with fruit and milk/water. We also ask for a voluntary contribution, each half term, to provide an additional snack. As well as providing a healthy snack for the class, we use this money to purchase additional resources for baking activities and ingredients for play dough etc. The cost is £1 per week and the total amount depends on the number of weeks in the half term (e.g 7 weeks = £7.00)


At the end of Reception year we assess children against their Early Learning Goals (ELGs). Below is a poster showing you the expectation at the end of Foundation Stage for your child. Please take time to look at these and see how you might be able to support your child at home.


Thank you for your support


The Reception Team 



Our Reception Classroom and Outdoor Area

These will provide an overview of information for this half term.

The children have settled well into Reception. They have been getting to know the areas and rules and routines, making friendships, learning new skills and having fun! 


We have been reading the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We are having lots of fun putting actions to the story; acting out the story in the home corner, small world and outside. We have also been talking about our families and how they are special to us. 

We've been on a hunt to find the Three Bears cottage! They left us a letter asking us to keep a look out for Goldilocks. They also left us some porridge to try!

Our first worship in the hall with Mrs Coates to learn all about how our donations will help the food bank and provide families in Tanzania with electricity.