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Welcome to Reception!


Welcome to our Reception Class! 

The staff in Reception are as follows:


Mrs Frodsham - Class Teacher  

Miss Birch - Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lonie - Class Teaching Assistant 


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to one of us. 


Our day begins at 8.55 am, with the door opening at 8.45 and our doors open for home-time at 3.20 pm. 


The children now have book bags which they should bring into school every day. We aim to hear the children read twice a week and change their book at least once a week, if it is felt that they are ready to progress. We value support from parents and strongly encourage you to read with your child at home every day.

Your child also has a word card. On it there are green words for them to sound out and red words which they cannot sound out and have to be able to just recognise, e.g. I. Please encourage your child to become more familiar with these words by reading them with them alongside their reading book. 

The children also have Phonics homework. This will include the letter sounds we have been learning that week and how to write them with the correct formation. 


P.E is on Thursday mornings. The children need to have their kit in school at all times which can be left on their coat peg. The P.E kit is a green t shirt, dark shorts and black pumps. We encourage independence in Reception so please help your child by allowing them to attempt dressing and undressing themselves at home wherever possible. 

Please ensure all of their uniform and P.E kit is clearly labelled with their name. Uniforms can get muddled while the children are getting ready for P.E and it saves a lot of time when we are returning items to their rightful owner!


Each day the children are provided with fruit and milk/water. We also ask for a voluntary contribution, each half term, to provide an additional snack. As well as providing a healthy snack for the class, we use this money to purchase additional resources for baking activities and ingredients for play dough etc. The cost is £1 per week and the total amount depends on the number of weeks in the half term (e.g 7 weeks = £7.00)


At the end of Reception year we assess children against their Early Learning Goals (ELGs). Below is a poster showing you the expectation at the end of Foundation Stage for your child. Please take time to look at these and see how you might be able to support your child at home.


Thank you for your support


The Reception Team 



The children have settled well into Reception. They have been getting to know the areas and rules and routines, making friendships, learning new skills and having fun! 


This half term we have been learning all about bears. 


We have enjoyed the stories of 'Goldilocks and the 3 Bears' and 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. We have added our own actions to help us remember the stories. Our role play area has been the 3 Bears cottage and we have also, in the construction area, been building a new home for the bears. One that is safe from Goldilocks! We have enjoyed mixing our own porridge, making our own bears, bear masks and binoculars for hunting for bears. 

We had  message from Mr Miller to say there was something happening at the end of our field so we went to investigate! We hear growling, found footprints and a cottage with 3 chairs, 3 bowls and lots of porridge! We enjoyed tasting the porridge just like Goldilocks. It was lots of fun. 


We also wanted to find out about real bears, so researched them on the internet and in books. We watched a live webcam of bears in the wild in Alaska which was very exciting. We learned that some bears like to eat fish, so we examined and drew our own real fish!


We have been practising our writing skills by drawing lots of pictures of bears, characters from the story and making story maps. We are now listening for initial sounds in words to label our pictures. 


Why don't you read our stories at home and ask your child to act them out for you or watch them on the links below!



We had great fun in Reception finding out about Spain. We researched where Spain was, how to count to 10 in Spanish, say colours in Spanish and good morning and good afternoon! 


We enjoyed tasting Spanish food and painted pictures of ourselves in the style of Pablo Picasso. 



Thank you to all the parents and children who came to our Maths Stay and Play. It was great to be able to explain how we teach Maths in Reception, through our number a week and watch the children show their grown-ups some of the fun, practical activities we do everyday.

Christmas in Reception


We have lots of fun in Reception in the lead up to Christmas. We decorated the school; made our own paper chains; had a Christmas fair with Father Christmas (he also came to our Christmas party); did Christmas crafts; made Christmas biscuits; had Santa's grotto in the classroom; and most importantly retold the true meaning of Christmas to out grown-ups through our Nativity. Wow we were busy!!!! 

The children had lots of fun showing their grown-ups some of the phonic and writing activities that we do in school and that they can do at home!

This half term we are focusing on stories by the author Julia Donaldson. We have read Monkey Puzzle, writing about our favourite animals from the story and then writing clues for people to guess our animals. We have also been singing the Monkey Puzzle song and practising our sign language along to it. Follow the link to try at home!

The Monkey Puzzle Song signed with Makaton

Julia Donaldson and her husband Malcolm perform The Monkey Puzzle Song with Makaton signs.

Visit to Crosby Village Veterinary Surgery

We had a super time visiting the vets! The staff were fantastic and very kind. They showed us all around the surgery and told us how they care for the animals; for example, how they have separate quiet areas for cats and dogs and how they operate on animals who need it . They even gave us gifts to bring back to school. We can't thank them enough for an amazing experience!