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Year 5

Welcome to year 5's class page. Here, you’ll be able to find an overview of what we are learning each term. You’ll also be able to see pictures of our amazing work, trips and lessons. 


The staff in year 5 are as follows:

Miss Lowe - Class Teacher

Mrs Graham - Class Teaching Assistant (Mon-Thurs)


Well, what a busy first term we have had in Year Five. Now we are beggining a new year, a new decade, and a new term.


Last term produced some lovely pieces of artwork as we studied the artist Hans Holbein the Younger. Holbein was one of the most famous portrait artisits ofthe 16th century. His most famous painting was of Henry VIII. Studying Holbein linked in with our History topic of the Tudor period of British History.


In D and T we looked at Tudor architecture. In groups the children carefully worked out the dimentions of their house and and used a variety of tools and materials to construct superb Tudor houses. It was tricky using saws, making lap and miter joints but everyone managed to use the equipment accurately and safely. The end product was well designed, constructed sturdy and undoubtably looked like a Tudor house with an overhang.


We are not finished with the Tudor period, although now in History we are studying the Victorian era, as our class trip is to visit Speke Hall on Wednesday 11th March which will consolodate our knowledge and understanding of Tudor life. This will be an exciting day and an opportunity to step back in time.


In Science we shall be carrying out many exciting experiments to investigage materials and their properties and changing materials properties.


We are a lucky year as we going swimming for the whole of the term, and Mr Roberts has the opportunity for some pupils to represent our school in swimming galas which is exciting.


Our English foocus the half term the the amazing narrative, classic poem by Alfred Noyes, The Highwayman. It really is a superb poem that capture the imagination. As we have begun this topic and pupils have already looked at the poem first and seen the an animated version I can share this with you: 


Iam sure that this term will fly by as fast as the last and I will keep you updated with our achievements.


Before too long we shall be in Term three and planning our residential trip to Winmarleigh Hall on the 12th June.






Y5 Curriculum Map